The Inspiration behind WODism for Autism

WODism for Autism is an event I began years ago to raise money for local Autism charities. WODism for Autism was the perfect platform to introduce children and teens with special needs to CrossFit and show parents that excerise can not only be inclusive but can be adapted specifically for each indivual.

Taylor was my inspiration. He began CrossFitting with me in 2010 when he was 12 years old. We quickly discovered that he looked forward to CrossFit Kids. He felt included in activities with his peers and was proud of his new achievments. The benefits from CrossFit for Taylor are numerous! I have posted more about his experience in my blog post, When A Lion Roars.

WODism for Autism was the perfect way to share the benefits of CrossFit while helping raise money for families living with Autism.

2018 will mark our 7th year for WODism for Autism! Our first event will be April 28 in Columbus, Georgia at CSG CrossFit.

To learn more about our mission and our events follow our Facebook Page, WODism for Autism.


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