The Inspiration behind WODism for Autism

WODism for Autism is an event I began years ago to raise money for local Autism charities. WODism for Autism was the perfect platform to introduce children and teens with special needs to CrossFit and show parents that excerise can not only be inclusive but can be adapted specifically for each indivual. Taylor was my … Continue reading The Inspiration behind WODism for Autism

21 Things I have Learned as an Autism Mom.

My oldest son, Taylor, was two-years-old when he was diagnosed with autism. Sometimes this day seems like it was just yesterday, and other times it feels like it was a lifetime ago. It's hard to believe that in just a few short weeks, Taylor will be turning twenty-one. Twenty-one! In spite of all the years, … Continue reading 21 Things I have Learned as an Autism Mom.

From Non-Verbal to Telling Jokes. A Taylor story.

"Being “non-verbal” also did not mean that he wasn’t a funny, silly, happy or loving little boy. He was all of those things but my husband and I wanted more for him and we longed to one day have a conversation with him. We envied the parents who told us stories about how their child made them crazy because they NEVER stopped talking. Mike and I wanted to be driven crazy, too! "

My Own Polar Express-Part 2: Finding the Magic Again.

"Imagination and pretending are a part of childhood and something that most parents just take as a given. Pretend play didn't happen often at our house and proved to be very difficult for Taylor. He saw things as they were and that was that. "

My Own Polar Express-Part 1: Finding the Magic Again.

I grew up with Santa. I LOVED Santa and I remember as little girl sitting in my bed on Christmas Eve anticipating his visit. We moved often when I was growing up, so Santa had to find us in a different place each year. Every year I wondered, “Will he find my sister and me … Continue reading My Own Polar Express-Part 1: Finding the Magic Again.

Does He Know?

"For a moment, I just stood there looking at him. My child had just rendered me speechless. First, in the most perfect sentence, he spoke directly to me and told me what he was thinking. After the initial shock of that little miracle, the impact of the sentence struck me numb."

Transitioning – Elementary School to Intermediate School

When Taylor finished the third grade, I remember feeling so proud of him and so scared for him at the same time. Since he started in the Eclipse class when he was only three years old, he had been at the school for five and half years. That is a really long time for an … Continue reading Transitioning – Elementary School to Intermediate School

One Day at a Time

"I also spent a lot of my time in those early years praying each day that nothing would happen to me or my husband because who would take care of Taylor if we were gone? I don't just mean young Taylor, I mean 40 year old Taylor. "

Speech Delay or Autism? pt 3 of 3

"I wondered if he would ever use his own words. Was he always going to speak in movie quotes? What would his sentences sound like if he didn’t use the same voice inflections as the characters?"