Taylor Jokes

There is an origin story behind Taylor Jokes. In 2016, I was asked to run the NYC Marathon for KultureCity. I was given a goal to raise $5000. This money was to go to buying Kindles and Amazon Fire Tablets for kids with autism who needed them but could not afford them.

This was something that I really wanted to do because I knew how much Taylor’s iPad had helped him when he was younger, but $5000? To say I was a little worried about making that goal would be an understatement!

My friend Amy was also on the KC Marathon team and she had already raised a good bit of money for her campaign. Trying to come up with ideas on how to jump start my own campaign, I looked at what she was doing. How did she make it look so easy? Well, her campaign was really great! Her inspiration for racing was her son, Carson. Carson is non-verbal and depends on tablets to communicate with others. She was racing so she could help other kids like Carson. Being non-verbal did not keep Carson from thanking everyone who donated. For those people, Carson would draw a picture especially for them, then Amy would post on Facebook and say something clever in the thank you post. People responded so well! They wanted their drawing from Carson, too!

Of course I didn’t want to steal Amy’s idea, since that was special for Carson. I thought it was such a beautiful way of including Carson in the fundraiser and giving people a real person to get behind and support the cause. I wanted to get Taylor involved, too. It didn’t seem like it was that long ago when Taylor struggled to use his own words. I wanted to do something with that precious gift, so I decided that Taylor could do “Thank You” videos using those words it took him so long to get. My thought was that the people who have known Taylor since he was a baby would fully appreciate hearing him say “thank you” to them via Facebook, but the first few videos were kind of blah. We needed to create something that people would look forward to receiving like a gift, maybe, and I was quickly running out of creative ideas on how to make “thank you” videos different and memorable.

Then one day as my family were all sitting down for dinner, Taylor walks into the kitchen and, out of the blue, spouts off a joke to us. It was so unexpected and the way he told it…oh my gosh! I was laughing so hard! It was super corny but the way he told it made us all laugh so hard we couldn’t breathe! That is when it hit me. Taylor could tell a joke! If someone donated to our fundraiser, they would get a joke from Taylor.

Visit YouTube to subscribe to Taylor’s channel “Taylor Jokes”

It was a HUGE success! We had so many donations that we were back- logged on #taylorjokes (yes, he has his own hashtag). I had people messaging me asking when they would get their joke and how they couldn’t wait. I never would have met my fundraising goal if it weren’t for Taylor’s jokes! He was awesome!

That was the beginning of #taylorjokes

That was over two years ago. Since then, I have posted a Taylor joke here and there but nothing like during that campaign. Taylor knew that the fundraiser was over and so he stopped thinking about it. Life got busy again but I continued to have people tell me that I needed to share more Taylor jokes and how much they missed them.

So, in response to the many requests since then, Taylor promised to do a joke of the day for the entire month of April for Autism Awareness month. Once again, the response has been nothing but positive! Now, with less than a week left in April, people have told me they are getting sad that the jokes will end soon and that Taylor should keep it up!

My solution was to create a YouTube channel specifically for Taylor’s jokes. We plan on continuing with these quirky, silly jokes because we believe that everyone should laugh everyday. We may not be able to post a Taylor joke every day, but Taylor will continue telling his jokes. In the meantime, check out his Taylor Jokes YouTube channel, subscribe and share with your friends and family!

Disclaimer. I hope you have allotted some time for yourself because you will become addicted to Taylor’s short, corny jokes. I am not sure what it is about his delivery but people absolutely love them!

2 thoughts on “Taylor Jokes

  1. Jeff says:

    I think this is an awesome idea. I hope he enjoys doing it. How cool would it be if he ended up doing standup comedy or something one day. Don’t forget that if he gets lots of traffic that you can monetize his channel and he can make money doing it. All the best!


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