10 Best Hanging Swing Chairs and Hammocks

Sensory room autism Hammock
Taylor loving his new hammock chair from Hammock Sky.

SWINGING AND SPINNING. If your child loves to spin, swing or both at the same time, then these hammock, swing chairs are exactly what you have been looking for!Swinging and spinning are different ways of stimming for people with autism, but who are we kidding? Everyone loves to swing! It is just fun and can also be calming and relaxing. Taylor was never much of a spinner but he still loves to swing.

Recently we visited our high schools brand new sensory room and Taylor was immediately drawn to one of the larger swing chairs hanging in the middle of the room. He absolutely loved it. I think our bigger kids have a tendency to be forgotten when it comes to sensory toys. While these are not necessarily toys, I was so excited to see something that my 180lbs son could comfortably sit in and enjoy. 

Hammock swing chairs are great for everyone but can really help calm children and adults with sensory issues. Temple Grandin shared a story about when she was young. She wanted to be hugged so badly but when people touched her, it actually hurt her skin. She went on to invent a hug machine for herself that could calm her down when she was in sensory overload.  Even though she couldn’t stand the feel of having anyone’s arms around her, she knew she needed it. Most of the chairs listed below are cocoon like and can provide that calming sensation of being hugged. They are a great tool for parents and teachers alike and are very easy to install to  be used in family rooms, bedrooms, playrooms, classrooms, sensory rooms and therapy rooms. School age kids will also find these great as a study or reading nook, allowing them them to relax and focus on school work.

1. YOOBE Kangaroo Child Hammock Pod Swing Chair 

Sensory room autism pod chair

2. Papa Roo Dinosaur Child Hammock Pod Swing Chair Nook Animal Tent

Sensory room autism Papa Roo

3. Sorbus Kids Nest Swing Chair Nook

Autism Sensory room Sorbus swing

4. HappyPie Frog Folding Hanging Pod Swing Seat

Sensory room autism HappyPie Hanging Pod Swing

5. HAPPY PIE PLAY & ADVENTURE HappyPie Kids Pod Swing Chair

Sensory room autism HappyPie Kids Pod Swing Chair

Hey! Big kids like to swing, too!

Check out some of these hammock chair swings that are perfect for everyone, big kids and all!

6. Hammock Sky XXL Hammock Chair Swing for Patio

Hammock Chair Autism Sensory room

7. Best Sunshine Large Caribbean Hammock Hanging Chair with Footrest

Autism Sensory room Best Sunshine Large Caribbean Hammock Hanging Chair

8. Greenstell Hammock Chair Macrame Swing with Hanging Kits

Sensory room autism Macrame Swing

9. KLM Durable Hammock Chair with Hanging Kit | Indoor – Outdoor One Person Swing

Sensory room autism KLM Durable Hammock Chair

10. Chihee Large Hammock Chair

Sensory room autism Chihee Large Hammock Chair

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